Women Education Essay with Quotations

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Importance Of Women Education Essay In English

It is a concrete fact that education is important for a civilized society. It reforms human character. It makes human beings civilized and cultured. A person without education is like a body without soul, an eye without sight, a rainbow without colours and a brain without intellect. Educated people play their role in reforming society and its social norms.

Women and men are the two parts of a whole. The existence of one without the other would be dull, drab, and dreary. It is said that man is the crown of creation but it is woman that adorns this crown with her charm and beauty. That is what Milton asserts in Paradise Lost:

“O fairest of creation! Last and best
Of all God’s works!”


Thus it is necessary for both men and women to get education. Women constitute almost half of our population. If we keep them uneducated, we keep half of the population ignorant. So education for women is as necessary as for men. No country can make real progress without educated women.

The importance of education for women is acknowledged all over the world. Today everyone wants to marry an educated woman. No one is ready to marry an ignorant girl. Some ignorant people think that the educated women neglect their household duties and ignore their husbands.

It is a wrong notion and a big misunderstanding husbands better and bring up their children properly. They inculcate great values. Educated women handle everything better than uneducated ones. They understand their brought-up children. Thus they do the society a great service by producing well-behaved to their children. They raise healthy, enlightened and decently brought-up children. Thus they do the society a great service by producing well- behaved children.

It is rightly said,

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual; but if you educate a woman, you educate a family”.

It is an admitted fact that women should be given ample opportunities for getting education and working for the betterment of themselves, their family and the country large. Without their proper education and participation in every sphere of life, the speed of the development of a country would be slow. Thus women should come out of their homes to work with their men. Alfred Tennyson, a British poet recites:

“God made the woman for the man, And for the good and increase of the world”.

Alfred Tennyson

In cities, most of the women enjoy the opportunities to adorn themselves with the ornaments of education. Their life is as much better as that of men. They are sent to schools, colleges, and universities for education. They work as teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, military and civil officers, lawyers and judges. They also take part in elections and thus become MPA’s and MNA’s. In many countries, women have worked as prime ministers or presidents and have proved their worth and prudence in administrative and political activities.

An educated woman, who works outside of her house, never forgets her basic and vital duties at home. She knows that she has to be a good housekeeper, a loving wife, an ideal mother and a cultured citizen. In this regard, her duty is twofold. She has to work inside the house as well as outside the house. Thomas Otway, an English playwright and poet recites:

“Oh woman! lovely woman! Nature made thee
To temper man: we had been brutes without you;
Angels are painted fair, to look like you;
There’s in you all that we believe of heaven,
Amazing brightness, purity, and truth,
Eternal joy, and everlasting love”.

Thomas Otway
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