Uses And Abuses Of Mobile Phone Essay (Quotations)

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Mobile Phone Essay Quotations

Mobile phone is also called ‘cell phone’. It is a transmitter and a receiver combined in one unit. It works like a portable or cordless telephone. Cell phones have become very popular with the masses in this era.
The number of cell phone users is increasing every year. In the beginning, the prices of mobile phones were fairly high. Only a small group of big businesspersons could enjoy mobile phone services. Then eventually, the providers reduced the prices of cell phones and network access. Thus, cell phone services achieved a great commercial success.

The mobile phones have revolutionized life. They have proved to be very useful and beneficial. They ensure quick communication. They are performing wonders in the field of business, culture, trade and commerce.

They have sped up productivity. People can contact one another whenever they want and wherever they are. The mobile phones have improved safety of people. Earlier people could contact police and other security-officials only on wire-based phones.

But if the wire was disconnected the communication could be prevented. And such kind of disconnection in telecommunication could result in serious damage. But now no such obstacle could hamper the quick communication between the public and the security-officials. Now people feel safe at home, on the road or in the deserts.

The mobile phones have made life easy and pleasant. People call in the doctors or technicians at will. They have not to go out in search of these persons. Sitting at homes, they get their things repaired, meals served and things done. This also saves their time and thus makes life comfortable.

Though the advantages of mobile phones are many, their faults are not few in number. Mobile phones are an obvious cause of time-wastage. Usually people are seen busy with playing games, listening to music, using the Internet, sending messages and chatting for hours on cell phones. Mobile phones have affected our youths adversely. The young students instead of paying heed to their studies fall victim to the charms of mobile phones and waste their time in useless activities.

The most fatal effect of the cell phones on our youth is that they are being derailed from the virtuous path of life. They are falling prey to moral corruption. For whom are the free mobile-service-packages after mid-night? Are they meant for businessmen, traders or doctors? No, everyone is asleep at this hour of night except the devil disciples. Moral decline, illicit love und the revolt from our cultural traditions are the only outcome of all such mobile-service-packages.
Mobile cells have become a definite cause of lawlessness. Unregistered mobile connections have given rise to criminal activities in society. At least 50% of crimes would come to a close if only the unregistered mobile connections are cut off.

Seneca, a Roman philosopher says:

“He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it”.


Mobile phones are also a cause of noise pollution. The loud ring tones disturb the public. The mobile calls divert the attention of the doers from their real focus. None could do his job with full heed if the mobile phone is not switched off. The government should force the Public to keep their mobiles on silent profile to prevent noise pollution. Mobile phones have caused an undue burden on the economy of the country.

A huge portion of foreign exchange is being spent on the import of mobile phones. This limits the efficient use of foreign exchange. those who are in real need of them. i.e. businessmen, doctors, traders etc. But they are a the above discussion reveals the fact that mobile phones are a boon only for the poor people and especially the young students.

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