Terrorism Essay In English (Quotations)

Nowadays terrorism is most horrible threats of our country. It also become a global problem. Which has great impact on health and economic of any country. It is mainly due to rival country which want to show power. People of any country are greatly disturbed. Many solid steps should be taken for controlling this threats.

Here, we provided you an essay on terrorism in Pakistan. Terrorism essay in Pakistan is important for metric and intermediate students who can prepare themselves. So here you are provided for data on essay on terrorism 150 words.

Short Essay On Terrorism pdf (150-300 words)

Terrorism is the most horrible threat of today. It has become a global problem. The whole world is facing the horrible consequences of terrorism The causes of terrorism are varied and diverse. International terrorism is present in various forms. Bomb blast, hijacking, cross boarder terrorist activities and massacre on a massive scale are the familiar forms of terrorism. The main motive of international terrorism is to weaken country politically, socially, economically and administratively. Though much effort is in progress to eliminate terrorism from society, it cannot be rooted out until some international laws of justice are devised. Whenever and wherever, there is brutality, injustice, wrongs and intolerance, terrorism cannot be eradicated.

As far as this problem in Pakistan is concerned, it has three main causes: terrorist activities of the international terrorist organizations, i.e. Black Water, RAW, MOSSAD, etc. injustice and sectarianism. Our chronic enemy India has always triggered troubles for us on national and international levels. To prevent us from providing the Kashmiris with moral support in their struggle for independence, India often sends her terrorists to our country to play havoc. She is dreaming of becoming an absolute authority of Asia. The Hindu fundamentalists cannot endure the existence of any religion and culture other than Hinduism. The minorities in India have always been sued and slaughtered. The Indian armed forces are trying their utmost to crush the freedom fighters who are struggling for independence and their right of self determination.

Secondly, the denial of justice from police and other concerned officers presses the innocents to be terrorists. When the innocent people are treated cruelly without any grave offense on their part, they become terrorists for revenge. The main problem of our country is the delay in social justice.

Some terrorist activities are due to sectarianism. There are many religious sects in Pakistan. They are poles apart in their religious views. Often their convictions are contrary to each other. The open observance of their religious sentiments and speeches against the other sects initiate religious intolerance. This leads to violent clashes between them.

All these acts of terrorism can be stopped by proper planning. I suggest the following steps to eradicate this evil from society.

First, solid steps should be taken to eliminate the illegal foreign entry.  Second, Justice should be ensured. Third, action should be taken against corrupt and cruel officers. Honest and earnest officers should be appointed. Fourth, religious tolerance should be promoted. These steps may eradicate terrorism from society.

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