Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay (Quotations)

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Role Of Media In Nation Building Essay In English

“Then hall to the Press!
Chosen garden of freedom!
Strong sword-arm of Justice!
Bright sunbeam of truth”!

Horace Greeley (The Press)

Media stands for means of communication. It includes radio, television, newspapers and periodicals. It may further be divided into two branches i.e. print media and electronic media. Print media consists of news sheets, circulars, newspapers, and periodicals. While the electronic media includes radio, documentary or newsreel films, television, and the Internet.

The purpose or function of both these braches is to gather, evaluate and transmit facts of current interest. To discover and dispatch the naked truth is the primary purpose of media. The task of reporters is to research, gather and write reports, news items and stories for print and electronic distribution. Editors and producers help and guide the reporters to do all this.

The fundamental function of the media is to collect and share information. The media communicates the local stories, national news, government policies, public affairs, international events, business updates and other such news events. Media has become the most cheap and easy source of getting information. It is the mirror that reflects the visage of the whole world.

It tells about national as well as international news events. It has dwindled the distances. It has helped the people of various countries to establish affable associations. Closely established relations help the people of the world to find out better solutions for their problems. Thus the world has become a global village.

Media builds strong links between the rulers and the ruled: the producers and the consumers politicians and the voters. It manifests, reviews and interprets the government policies. Through media people either appreciate or criticize such policies of the government. Therefore, the government never venture to make such laws as may counter the wishes of the masses.

And this is the essential essence of democracy. In other words, media assists to implement democracy in the true sense of the word. Media publishes editorials and broadcast debates to enhance political awareness of the masses and to promote general positive views. It highlights political issues, business strategies, social system, cultural values, academic achievements and scholastic skills.

Media is a specific source of entertainment and enjoyment. It shows dynamic dramas, miraculous movies, magnificent matches, comic cartoons, fantastic fashion shows, singular stars, marvellous music shows, delightful documentaries and other such things of joy and fun. Man is grossly occupied with strenuous struggle, petty pursuits, bleak business and absurd activities. He can spare little time for recreation.

Thus media comes forward to entertain him in his shortest leisure hours. Sitting in an arm chair, he can visit the snow-covered peaks, lush green pastures, rushing rivers, singing streams, babbling brooks, dry deserts, tall tress, vast valleys, lovely landscapes and other such stunning scenes of nature.

Media educates masses massively. The newspapers educate the people through features, articles and columns. Radio and TV put on air various valuable programs, debates and discussions about political crisis, cultural activities, educational system and social problems. Several programmes about various disciplines are broadcast for the guidance of the students of far-flung areas.

In the present era, media is playing a vital role in educating the peasants about agriculture. It imparts detailed information about recent researches regarding the preparation of land for various crops, irrigation, pesticides, herbicides, harvesting and marketing, Thus the peasants get in-depth knowledge and technical support about farming industry, dairy products, and cultivation. They learn superb skills in breeding animals, nurturing plants and rearing birds.

Then, media provides the businessmen with the latest news about costs, output and market prices of various goods. It assesses and reviews the market forces. It divulges the actual situation of money market and stock market. It also makes various suggestions for the uplift of business and trade.

But we cannot turn a blind eye to the grim aspect of media. Some selfish people manipulate media to feather their own nests. Such black sheep blemish the beautiful bearing of journalism.

About such journalists Arnold Bennett, a British writer says in his book ‘The Title

“Journalists say a thing that they know is not true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true”.

Arnold Bennett

Thus media has a miraculous power or broadcast shocking stories just to create thrill and excitement. It does not bother whether publishing such stories will create deep disappointment to the public. In this regard, Charles Lamb, a British essayist says:

“Newspapers always excite curiosity. No one ever lays one down without a feeling of disappointment”.

Charles Lamb

It is true that media must reflect the true visage of society but simultaneously it must not brush aside the national interests, Media must get to the truth but reveal it in a truly sensible way.

Briefly speaking, media is playing a key role in shaping, moulding and improving general opinions and tendencies. It broadens human perception even. It helps humans gain useful insight into their own problems. It is deemed to be one of the most powerful weapons of modern times.

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