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If you are looking for postman essay. It is hard to understand English because there are tenses used, which students often cannot understand. Therefore, students consider English to be a difficult subject. In order to get good marks in English, you have to know these tenses.

In board exams, these tenses are frequently asked. These tenses are most important in metric and intermediate level exams. Students should try to answer essay questions on this test.

Our students need to understand the requirements for writing an essay before attempting the question. Here, students will learn how to write an essay about postman.

Essay On Postman

The postman is a very useful public servant. He wears a khaki uniform. He has a leather bag hanging down his shoulder. He carries a bundles of letters in his hand. He goes from house to house. He delivers letters, parcles and money orders. He brings us news from our relatives and friends. The news might be good or bad.

He is always waited for. He gets up early in the morning and goes to the G.P.O. to collect the dak. He arranges his dak according to his beat and set out to deliver it. He goes from door to door to deliver the dak. Rain or sunshine he has no holiday. His duty is very hard.

His pay is very small. He lives from hand to mouth. He is very honest punctual and hardworking. Some people give him some gifts on Eid. The Government should increase his pay so that he may lead a happy life.

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