Pollution Essay In English (Quotations)

Here, we are providing you an essay on pollution. Pollution essay not only important for exam but also important for producing a sense in new generation. So that they also play a role in controlling pollution in our country.

 Essay On Pollution In Pakistan 150 Words Pdf

Our religion, Islam, is a true natural religion. It lays much stress on purity, cleanliness, discipline and order in everything and every attitude. Pollution is something contrary to all these values. In our country, it has become one of the most crucial problems because it relates directly to human health and life.

There are many forms of pollution. The most prominent of these are land-pollution, air-pollution and water-pollution. Land-pollution includes the chemical wastage of industries, garbage and household trash. We can easily get rid of this pollution if we realize its harms. We must learn to keep our environment neat and clean. Public awareness in this connection can play a vital role. We must teach people how to dispose of their garbage properly. Air pollution is mainly caused by gases, smoke and chemicals the industries discharge into the atmosphere.

Although the industrialism has given us many benefits, it has proved a plight in merry disguise. The side effects of these industries are inflicting negative impacts on human health. We can check air-pollution by making certain strict laws and by enforcing them in true letter and spirit. The third kind of pollution is water-pollution. It is most dangerous and even fatal for marine life. Fish, which is an important part of our food, is badly affected by water-pollution. Water is life. If it is impure, life itself will be on stake. The garbage and the waste of factories are thrown into canals, rivers and the seas. This practice is dangerous and must be checked with iron hands.

Another kind of pollution is noise-pollution. Excessive use of horns damages our ear-drum. Constant exposure to such an environment can make us deaf. High pitched loud music and pressure horns are the main sources of this type of pollution. This can be checked by implementing strict laws.

Another invisible but critical and crucial type of pollution is moral or mental pollution. It is the most dangerous foe for humanity. Only true religious commandments, self realization and fear of ALLAH can check this type of pollution. Being Muslims and Pakistanis, it is our duty to root out all types of pollution and make our environment safe for us.

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