PMC Announced NMDCAT Syllabus 2022

PMC has published the MDCAT 2022 syllabus as well as the MDCAT 2022 test dates on his website. The MDCAT syllabus for session 2022 will be the same as it was for session 2021, according to PMC.

Any changes to the syllabus will be communicated to the candidates. As a result, students should review the MDCAT syllabus for 2022 in order to prepare properly. PMC allows students to take the Medical and Dental College Admission Test after successfully completing their Higher Secondary School Certificate intermediate exams, as well as those who are awaiting results, or even before final exams of equivalent level.

How do I get a PDF of the PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2022?

To pass the test, students must attempt portions of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Logical Reasoning, according to the PMC syllabus 2022. Students can download the entire National MDCAT syllabus 2022 pdf, which contains detailed information about each subject and the substance of each subject that will be covered in the exam.


Paper Pattern for NMDCAT Entery Test

The paper pattern for MDCAT is here. In this paper, there are a lot of different ways to answer questions. How many questions are there in all? Each question is worth the same number of points.

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In the case of a wrong answer, 6 points will be taken away. A score of 5 will be given to you if you answered the question correctly,

One hundred and twenty-five minutes of entry test paper.

These are some of the things you can ask about.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
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