Pleasure Of College Life Essay With Quotations

Here, we are providing you an essay on pleasure of college life. As college is a place for both education and enjoyment. And pleasure of college life essay is easy and simple which is given here. So, students can prepare well for their exam.

 Essay On Pleasure Of College Life

In our country most of the young boys romanticize the college life. A college is taken for a symbol of infinite liberty, luxury, enjoyment and adventure. Only a few students enter college to learn something. Most of the students get admission to avail themselves of the freedom found there. But there are certain students who are serious in their studies. They are hard working. They have lofty and sublime aims. Some students of this category intentionally avoid the pleasures of college life. We find a few students who both enjoy the college life and undertake their studies properly.

College is a place full of fanciful dreams and glamour. When a teenager enters a college he or she thinks himself or herself an outstanding figure of society. It is simply because of the charms, attractions and pleasures of the college life.

First of all, the students enjoy the changed atmosphere and attitude. A college student is mature enough to compare the school life with the college life. He sees the kind and generous attitude of professors while the behaviour of school teachers was always harsh and insulting. A college pleases students in a number of ways. They wear clean clothes and polished shoes. A student feels himself free from all bindings and fetters. He avails himself of all the opportunities and feels relaxed. Another pleasure of college life is the vast range of co-curricular activities. Students get better chances to study the library books. They may ask the learned professors about anything.

And in this way, they may quench their thirst for knowledge without difficulty. Quiz programs, various competitions in the field of qirat, naat khani, debates, poetry, games and athletics create competitive environment. A large number of clubs, societies, associations and college union produce young leadership for society. All these activities are a part of fun, pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment. These inculcate the students with a sense of thrill and fervour.

Shakespeare has rightly said that there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. The same quotations may be applied to those who spoil themselves in college. They are absorbed in the intoxicating fancies of college life. They go beyond their basic aim and are distracted from the real objective. They go astray and fall victim to aimlessness. They should keep their eyes and mind open in order to learn and enjoy the real pleasures of college life i.e. academic. If a student knows his rights and duties well, he can both enjoy the pleasures of college and get good marks in the examination.

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