My Village Essay In English

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My Village Essay 10 lines

My Village is Gatwala. It is in Faisalabad. It is nine kilometer from Faisalabad Lahore road. It is on the left corner of Rakh Branch. Its population is about 5000. Most of the people are farmers. They work from dawn to dusk in their fields. They are healthy people. They eat simple food. They are simple people. All houses of this village are made of bricks and cement. My village has electricity.

There are schools for boys and girls. Most of people are educated. The atmosphere of my village is free from pollution. Its land is irrigated with the canal water. Our village produces wheat, rice, maize and sugarcane. There is a bank of in my village. There is discrepancy in my village. There are some private doctors and Hakeems.

The village consult them. The Imam Masjid, the headmaster, the patwari and headman of my village are good and co- operative. There is a chopal outside the village. The people gather here and hear the folk song. I am Proud of my village. May it flourish.

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