My First Day At College Essay With Quotations

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Essay On My First Day At College. (Standard)

Sweet memories are like the sweet flowers. They become a source of happiness in the depressing drama of life. Usually, hard experiences teach us wisdom. The person who learns nothing from the dark past should expect nothing from the bright future. Though the memory of my first day at college is a bit bitter, it is shining in my mind’s eye like the smiling tears.

It was a sunny day of spring. I with my friends went to the college for the first time. We were excited and eager for learning. Still we were a furlong away from our college when a group of horrified students told us that some senior students were waiting for new comers to make a fool of them. We began to tremble with fear. We turned pale. We could not utter a word.

They told us that the seniors wanted to adorn the students of the first year with different colours, rags, and the garlands of old shoes. Our blooming faces fell down as the blooming flowers scatter in a heavy rain.

Eventually, the president of the college union appeared there like a sudden wave of grace. We told him our problem. He smiled and encouraged us to face the situation. However, he helped us and escorted us to the gate of the college. He asked the other students not to harass us. We became happy to be safe so nicely.

We came to the play ground. The naughty senior students reached there. They began to make a fool of us. We reminded them of the advice of the president of the college union. They laughed and asked me to put on a tattered shirt. I did so. They displayed a placard at the chest of my friend. The word “scarecrow” was written on it. A boy with a wreath of old shoes advanced to a new comer. He observing the situation minutely ran in one direction. Some boys ran after him. We took advantage of the situation and ran in the opposite direction. Some other boys ran after us. To our bad luck our path ended on the verge of a field soggy with the recent irrigation. We hesitated a moment but horrified by the chasing party, we jumped onto the sodden field. The senior students stopped at the brink and laughed loudly to see us in this crisis. We were however relaxed to be away from the grave risk. How we reached our houses is another story to tell. It is how I spent my first day at college.

My First Day At College Essay For 2nd Year With Quotations


“A Thing of beauty is a joy forever:

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness….”

(John Keats)

Sweet memories are like the sweet-smelling flowers strewn on the strenuous path of life. Though they change life into a blooming and balmy garden, the genuine wisdom is usually showered on us from dark clouds of painful past. The man who learns nothing  from perturbing past should expect nothing from fragrant future because what is bitter to bear may be rosy to remember. My first day at college is, no doubt, a bit bitter experience but it will ever shine in my mind’s eye like a smiling tear.

I knew that looking back on the tears would make me laugh but I never knew that looking back n the laughs would bring tears.”

(Cheryl, a British artist)

My first day at college is so fresh in my memory that it seems to be a quite recent event. It sever seems to be an incident that happened years ago. It was a bright sunny morning of a sweet-smelling spring. I with my friends was on my way to a new world of freedom and learning. We all were wearing stylish summer suits. Our hearts were swelled with pride. We were talking noisily, singing joyfully and walking vividly.

“The music in my heart I bore

Long after it was heard no more.”?

 William Wordsworth,

When we were just a furlong off the college premises, we saw some students rushing out of the college gate. They looked horrified; their faces all pale, and their hair quite dishevelled. Seeing their condition, I remembered the following lines of John Keats:

I see a lily on thy brow

With anguish moist and fever dew;

And on thy cheek a fading rose

Fast withereth too.”

John Keats

I could hardly manage to stop one of them and asked him what had made them so scared. Our joy and pride vanished in a trice when he told us that a group of senior students was waiting for the new comers to make a fool of them. He added that they were holding the wreaths of worn-out shoes, rags, tattered robes, ink, placards saying insulting remarks, and many other such things. As soon as we heard about this socking situation, our pink faces turned pale. We felt like those fresh flowers that suddenly begin to shed their pink petals in the lavish drift of lashing rain. We felt like Keats:

O what can all thee, knight-at-arms,

 Alone and palely loitering?

The sedge is wither’d from the lake,

And no bird sings.”

John Keats

We were stunned and dumbfound. We stuck to the ground as if the magnetic power of earth had paralysed us from toe to top. All of a sudden, a professor appeared there like a sudden surge of grace. We told him about the grim situation. He smiled and encouraged us to face the situation like brave people. He also escorted us to the college. He left us in the corridor and made his way to the office. As soon as we were alone, a group of senior students happened to come there. They took full advantage of the opportunity and herded us like cattle into the middle of the playground. One of them gave me a tattered shirt and asked me to wear it. I obeyed him without any resistance. Another boy came forward and displayed a placard on my chest. A sketch of a scarecrow had been drawn on it.

Another corpulent midget with a garland of old shoes in his podgy hand advanced to a new comer who was observing the situation very minutely. The new comer deduced the senior student’s intention and before the senior student could reach him, he took to his heels; thus inviting the whole group of senior students in pursuit. Seizing the opportunity, I took the rags off, threw the placard away quickly and raced in the opposite direction. But as the fate drags the ill-starred, my path ended on the brim of a field soggy with irrigation. I paused for a moment and then terrified of the chasing party, I, willy-nilly, sprung onto the sodden field and waded through. Though my feet sank into the sludge at every step, I managed to cross the field and got at a safe distance finally.

“Thus Nature spake – The work was done – How soon my Lucy’s race was run…”

(W. Wordsworth)

My white dress was smeared with the splashes of sludge all over. I looked like an abstract work of art. The senior students who chased me were roaring with loud laughter on the other end of the field but I was happy to be safe from the grave risk. I began to sing with Keats:

“Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget..

 The weariness, the fever, and the fret….”

John Keats

I walked a bit to reach the bank of a nearby canal to wash my mud-stained  clothes and body. I sat on the bank of the canal and started washing my clothes. Suddenly, I heard an outburst of laughter behind me. Horrified by the recent bitter experience, 1 thought that the senior students had reached there. I attempted to stand quickly but slipped and fell into the canal.

To my good luck, the boys who had come were not the senior students but my friends. By their assistance, I came out of the canal. The condition of my friends was not different from mine. What was surprising about us was that we all were happy in spite of what had just happened to us. We could not understand that until we read these lines of Coleridge:

There was a time when, though my path was rough,

This joy within me dallied with distress,

And all the misfortunes were but as the stuff

Whence Fancy made me dreams of happiness:

For hope grew round me, like the twining vine,

And fruits, and foliage, not my own, seemed mine.

 Afterward, how we reached our homes is another story to tell. This is how I spent my first day at college.

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