My Father Essay In English

If you are looking for my father essay. The subject of English is tough in a number of ways. Due to the fact that tenses are often used, students often cannot comprehend them. Therefore, they think English is a difficult subject.

In order to achieve good grades, you need to understand these tenses. These tenses are often used in board exams. In English essays, tenses are most important. As essays are asked in the exam, students should try this question first.

Our purpose is to provide you with information about how to write an essay on my father. The wording is easy to understand, making it ideal for students to use.

Essay On My Father

My father is a teacher. His name is Farakh Nazeer. He is about forty. He works in a Government High School. He is an M.A., B.Ed. He teaches High classes. He teaches English and Mathematics. He is very intelligent and hardworking. He loves us very much. He provides us the articles we need. He guides us how to study. He has built a house. We live in it.

His house has all the facilities we need. He is a hardworking man. He is popular among his colleagues and students. He gets up early in the morning. He says his Fajir prayers and goes on a long walk. He recites the Holy Quran daily. He is physically strong and mentally alert. He is very punctual. He is religious minded. He gives religious references in his lessons. He performs his duties properly.

He is very kind to his pupils. He has smiling face. He teaches us in the evening. He appreciates us when we get a position in the examination. I am proud of my father. May he live long!

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