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Morning Walk Essay For Class 2nd, 5th,7th & 8th .

It is an old saying Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Health is a great wealth. A sound body has a sound mind. The scene before the sunrise is very charming and attractive. To enjoy the beauty of nature and to improve my health, I get up early in the morning. I say my morning prayer.

Then I go to my friend Rashid. I ring the call- bell of his house. He came out. We go to the canal which flows at a distance of one kilometer from the city. The cool and fresh morning breeze refresh us. We see the small birds chirping in the trees. The dew drops on the green grass shine like pearls. We see the farmers working in the fields. We meet many people going to the canal. We reach the canal.

We sit on the bank and enjoy the scene. The reflection of bright sun in the water looks very charming. We have some flowers and smell their fragrance. We come back. I take my breakfast and go to school. The morning walk is very useful. It gives us a light excercise, which makes us healthy.

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