How To Become An Interior Decorator in 2023-24

Just imagine if you get a chance to pursue your hobby as a profession, and think how wonderful would it be.  Of course, nothing can be more exciting than this. There are only a few professions that could give you such kind of satisfaction and a profession like interior decorating is one among them.

Decorating our homes is a natural instinct and many of us are good at it, but usually only a few are very excellent in these skills and are able to get the praises. So, if you are one among them, then it can be a good reason to try a hand in this profession. Though it is enticing, interior decorating is a profession that is not for everyone.

If you want to achieve success in this field, you need to have a great sense of fashion, style, adaptability, marketability, and of course the right approach. As it is also quite a competitive field, besides having great fashionable instinct, you also have to tone up a bit of your skills and keep your work unique and outstanding. Though it may sound difficult, if you are able to put in the right efforts, then nothing is so fun and rewarding than interior decorating. So, as an aspirant if you are not aware of how to begin, then here are some tips to help you.

Guiding Tips For An Interior Decorating Profession

Assess Yourself

Many want to enter into this profession because it is fun and financially rewarding. But, before that, you need to assess whether you are really fit for this profession.

Because besides having a natural talent, this profession demands one to have complete knowledge of the tastes and styles of the public and be well-versed in the planning of the space, lighting, color, decoration of the floors, walls, and windows, and the proper choice of accessories and fabrics and so on required for interior decoration. Once you are confident that you excel in all these requirements, you can step ahead without any doubt.

Register For A Course

The attractive part of this profession is that unlike other professions one need not have to be qualified to become an interior decorator. If you have the skills, you can start right away. But if you have a formal education in this field, it would add more to your credibility and help you in acquiring and shaping up more of your skills.  People would definitely prefer to hire one who is much more educated and experienced than the others in this field.

Train Yourself

As an interior decorator, you have to keep your eyes always sharp and swift. If you happen to visit any place and notice any new style of interiors, you need to grasp it immediately.

How much ever talented you may be, keeping a watch on new designs and styles will only benefit you and enhance your knowledge and skills.  Hence, train yourself as much as you can before seriously stepping into this profession.


The idea of becoming an interior decorator is futile without practice. Just assuming mentally that you can do a great job will fetch you nothing. It is the only practice that can make you perfect and can show you where you stand. Hence, start practicing, and do not hesitate to start it right from your home.

Reserve a room exclusively for your practice so that whenever you get an idea, you can try it out in your room. Moreover, if your friends and relatives agree, you can also try practicing by decorating their homes. Even if they do not pay you anything, it will pay you off in the future.

Voluntary Your Services

Now once you are ready to get into action, you can always start by initially offering your services voluntarily to the people you know.  Take advantage of all the occasions like marriages, childbirth, special events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, starting new businesses and acquiring new homes, and so forth to show off your skills and thereby introduce yourself and your skills to the public.

Create A Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is a must, if you want to establish yourself as a professional interior decorator. Your portfolio should contain all the details of your work experiences as well as samples of your work showing the photos of the interiors done by you. You should always keep your portfolio handy, and be able to produce it to the client whenever he requests for it.  A better portfolio means a better chance of getting hired by the people.

Choose Your Career

Interior decoration is a profession that can be pursued either independently as a business, or you can prefer to get employed and work for any other company dealing with the decoration of the interiors such as home builders, furniture stores, restaurants, hotels or decorating firms.

If you wish to add some weight to your resume and increase your portfolio, you can consider joining a firm for employment.  On the other hand, if you are able to arrange sufficient funds, time, and space you can be your own boss and start your own interior decorating business. Hence, be wise in making your choice.

Keep On Improving

Interior decoration is a field in which changes take place at a fast pace. Very soon the styles get faded and outdated and new styles take their place. Hence, you need to be very quick in grasping the new trends and keep on experimenting and inventing new concepts to keep up with the pace and be in the limelight. In order to do this, you can read books and magazines related to interior decoration, or attend any trade shows, or seminars, or exhibitions arranged by professional associations.

Thus, these are some of the steps which can lead you to a successful career as an interior decorator. Interior decoration is a profession that offers satisfaction not only monetarily but also mentally. The feeling that you have changed and improved the life of people is really great, and it is something that is more rewarding than the money that you make. So if you have the decorating talent, then instead of keeping it idle put it to use, and you will be amazed to notice how it changes your life as well as of the others.

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