How To Become A Social Worker in 2023-24

Are you the one who is interested in social services? Do you like to volunteer in NGO social activities? Do you like to have a helping hand for the poor and needy? Well, you can pursue this hobby of yours as your profession. You can do this by being a social worker.

A social worker is a person who improves the lives of others, be it an individual, a group or a community, especially those who are below the poverty line. He or she contributes to enlighten others in many ways viz. by providing them free education, finding solutions to their problems, and helping victims of social injustice and human right violation,. It’s rather a service than a profession.

A social worker is involved in either adult or child-related activities. In adult activities, he or she is involved in helping the patients of HIV/AIDS and other dreadful diseases, those suffering from mental health problems, and solving problems of aged people like health, housing, expenditure, etc. While activities related to children or young people involve providing guidance and advice, helping children who are facing problems at school or at home, etc. To make your career as a social worker, follow the following steps:

Steps to Become A Social Worker

Educational Qualification

Like any other profession, you need to be educationally qualified to be a social worker. Various diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate-level programs are offered in social work and related disciplines. Both full-time and part-time mode of education is available. You can pursue a course according to your needs. Eligibility criteria for applying for a job vary depending on the organization you are applying to. So, select the course according.

Professional Skills

Other than academic qualifications, a social worker needs to be good at soft skills. He/she should be a good listener, counselor, and adviser.

He or she is required to have interpersonal skills, and communication skills and should empathize with all kinds of people. He/she should also have time management skills.


You may apply for internships where you can get real-life experience apart from theoretical knowledge. There are a number of online platforms where you can search for these internships. Most of them either provide a stipend or cover the food and accommodation charges.

Start doing these internships from your college days and connect with more and more organizations so that you may come to know about the latest opportunities available in the discipline of social work. You can also acquire skills in professional training centers. This will also help in getting a job.


A social worker works in various organizations, communities, groups, charities, and other independent authorities or organizations. There are both public and private sectors. There are many organizations dealing with specific issues where a social worker can find jobs.

For example, agencies related to children, youth, women, old age homes, hospitals, social justice services, community services, etc. They may work in hospitals or mental health trusts. Also, to practice social work, you need to have a license. Apply for it to the respective authorities.

You may create your own social enterprise and get contract jobs. You may work as an individual, in a group, or in a community or organization.

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