How To Be An Image Consultant in 2023

Image consulting strives to create a fabulous impression about an individual. Image consultants recommend their clients the dresses they should wear, the hairstyle they need to sport, and the grooming they require.

In addition to physical appearance, image consultants also advise on how to communicate effectively with people. The role of image consultants may overlap or get integrated with fashion consultants, wardrobe consultants, and makeover consultants. Image consulting has emerged as a booming and rewarding career option. If you are wondering how to become an image consultant then here is a simple guide to inspire you.

How to Be an Image Consultant

Scope of Job

Image consultants are increasingly demanded by professionals from varied fields. Corporate executives, job seekers, women aspiring to have a new look, celebrities, survivors of accidents and cancer, politicians, and singles looking for partners figure among client lists of busy image consultants.

In addition to individuals, image consultants may be hired by corporate clients. Companies undergoing changes in market strategy may infuse the ideas of image consultants for effective communication with stakeholders. Companies also hire image consultants for giving presentations to their employees on topics like ‘how to dress like a professional’ or ‘telephone etiquette for staff on customer service’.


There is no special educational qualification or experience required to become an image consultant. Excellent communication skills, ability to deal with different types of people, and ability to learn new concepts are a few desirable qualities of a successful image consultant.

Looks are Important

Image consultants usually start by recognizing the personal style of the client and determine the types of makeovers that are likely to suit the concerned person. They advise clients on the color and styles of hair and propose the type of grooming necessary for them.

Dresses and Accessories

While working as an image consultant you are likely to play the role of wardrobe consultant. This involves a step by step guidance on what to wear and what not to wear.

As a wardrobe consultant, you can advise your clients on how to conceal their body flaws and how to put together attractive dresses. Image consultants provide valuable tips to their clients on contemporary accessories and the psychology of colors.

Art of Communication

Guiding the clients on communication and etiquette are crucial parts of image consulting. These involve advising clients on verbal and non-verbal communication. Improvement in vocal communication is suggested by improving pronunciation, vocabulary, and voice.

When you become an image consultant, you are expected to advise clients on fine-tuning nonverbal communication such as eye contact, body language, and posture. Clients are also advised on dining and telephone etiquette, business communication, and improving skills of conversation.

Corporate Image Consulting

Corporate image consulting is an emerging field where image consultants are hired for analyzing the need and advising the client company on building a new image.

This may be a part of building a brand identity or a separate program for improving efficiency. Employees may be trained for improving etiquette, presentation, and corporate culture.


You may start image consulting as a part-time job and gradually consolidate it depending on the volume of business. You may also work with an experienced image consultant for learning tricks of the business, pricing of services, and identifying potential clients.

To become a successful image consultant you need to build a support team with strategic partners like hair stylists, makeup artists, personal trainers, voice coaches, and cosmetic surgeons.

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