Horrors Of Science Essay With Quotations

Here, we are giving you an essay on the horrors of science. Science play an important role in human life for its comfortable. But it also such demerits. Horrors of science essay will be helpful for students who want to prepare it for their exam.

 It is generally believed that science is a mixed blessing. It has various uses and abuses. Though the advantages of science are far greater than its disadvantages, it has caused some fatal threats to human life. Destructive weapons are the result of science. Though the world is trying to solve the disputed issues through peaceful talks, the world is standing on the edge of total destruction. The most deadly weapons of science are the atomic weapons. As almost all the countries are linked socially, economically or religiously, any war may become a world war. Thus it is the science that is to be blamed for waging germ warfare and acquiring chemical bombs, missiles and bombers.

Science has invented many machines and tools for man. Though these machines are helpful in making human life comfortable, they also have some disadvantages. These machines have replaced men in many fields of life. The plus point for these machines is that they are more accurate and quick in their performance than man. But they have made the services of men redundant and unnecessary. Man has become unemployed. Unemployment is the sure cause of many social and economical evils. Thus the process of fall of human society starts.

The next negative effect of machines on human being is that it had made them lazy and idle. They need not travel on foot. They can cover long distances in a short time by fait moving cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes. At home, there is no need of broom, the vacuum cleaners are there to suck the tiny particles of dust from every nook and corner. Washing machines wash the dirty clothes in minutes. There are computers for the service of human beings. There are TV’s, DVD’s and digital receivers for his entertainment. All kinds of facilities have made man idle and lazy.

Today one of the grave problems is pollution. Air, water, and eatables all are polluted. Science is somewhat responsible for this pollution. Big factories, heavy vehicles, trains and many other things of this sort are adding smoke, poisonous wastage, dust and other harmful particles to air, water and soil. The polluted things have caused many untreatable diseases. In spite of the modern medical research, many people die of these diseases. Science is responsible for all this.

Science has made man spiritually dead. He has forgotten the moral and spiritual values of the past. Science is responsible for the race of money. Everyone is busy in earning for spending. We have no time to meditate on nature. We are leading an artificial life. We are no more interested in the sights of nature.

Science has made man selfish and insincere. He needs money to enjoy the new inventions of science. To earn money, he ignores the moral values. Even, sometimes, he commits hateful crimes for the fulfillment of his evil desires. When morality dies, the crimes of various kinds take birth and many social evils spread in society. Thus science indirectly is the cause of spread of these evils in society.

Truly speaking, we may blame science for many evils in society but in fact it is man who uses science for his evil purposes. Science is a blessing; the need is that we should use it positively. Science has neither forced us to produce lethal weapons, nor compelled us to be selfish. If we have used it for evil purposes, it is our fault not of science.

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