Essay On My Last Day At College With Quotations

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My Last Day In College Essay In English

A college is a place where young generation of a nation sees dreams of golden future. Some young boys and girls work hard to materialize these dreams. In every case, college student develops an emotional and close association to college. He loves and likes every thing of it. All students become like a family in college. They do not like to separate from one another. But a day comes when they have to leave the college and everything about it. It is the time of real sadness for them. It is a very sad moment to go through but life continues.

I also remember my last day at college. It was a pleasant day of the 30th April 1986, but it was a gloomy day for me. I and all my friends were aware of the hard reality that at were about to leave the college after all. This separation was so painful, sad and depressing for all of us.

Throughout our college stay, we had been so cheerful and excited. We never entertained any idea that a day would come to separate like that. Some of us were so emotional that they started weeping. Some had tears in their eyes but they controlled themselves. We decided to depart in the same joyful mood as we had been living for the last four years.

First of all, we planned to meet all our teachers. We obtained their autographs in our diaries. After this we had a round of the college to see every nook and corner of it. Then we met our Vice Principal who gave us our character certificates. We also met the Principal who advised us to be honest and hard working in life. Then we went to a hotel. We dined together there. In the evening, we went to our college hostel, packed our luggage and got ready to go to our homes. It was the time to say good bye to one another. We embraced one another for the last time. Some of us could not control themselves and began to weep bitterly.

Finally, we departed with the hope that we would meet again somewhere some day. This is how I spent my last day at college.

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