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Nowadays, drug addiction is a serious problem in our society. People take intoxicated drugs to lessen their mental tension, and they are affected badly physically, mentally, and spiritually. The government should take action to increase awareness about drug addiction and its bad impact on human health.

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Drug Addiction Essay for Class 10 and FSc Level Students

“Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes a necessity”

(St Augustine)

The habit of taking intoxicating drugs has been in vogue for ages. Drug addiction is the greatest menace of modern times. Thousands of youngsters fall victim to these drugs every year, and they eventually become an awful nuisance to society.

 Frank Tallis says: “At first, addiction is maintained by pleasure, but the intensity of pleasure gradually diminishes and the addiction is then maintained by the avoidance of pain”.

 Frank Tallis says

Drug abuse is posing a major threat to the fabric of our society. “Drugs” or “narcotics” means all those things that produce a state of numbness or sleeplessness. Unfortunately, more and more people are taking narcotics like heroin, alcohol, opium, morpheme, cocaine, hashish, cannabis, marijuana, brown sugar, sleeping pills, etc. In particular, the number of heroin addicts now runs into millions. “Addiction is an adaptation.

“It’s not you, it’s the cage you live in”.

(Johan Hari)

Pakistan has never been free from traditional drugs like opium, alcohol, etc. In spite of a total ban, the addicts get them by hook or by crook. These drugs did not pose any great danger in the past. But with ‘Heroin’, the situation has become very alarming. According to the latest survey, there are more than six million Heroin addicts in the country. The situation is very precarious and calls for immediate attention and prompt action.

Narcotics are generally used on the pretext of lessening mental tension. Unemployment, poverty, inequality, injustice, exploitation, insecurity, price hikes, family disputes, frustration, deprivations and disappointments, failure in love, inferiority complex, psychological problems, bad company, and sexual luxury are the major causes of drug addiction. In the absence of proper outlets, mentally disturbed people use narcotics to release mental tension.

“How use doth brood a habit in a man”.


 Then, the easy availability of narcotics increases drug abuse. In collusion with the anti-narcotic agencies, drug pedlars sell narcotics with impunity. Again, a lot of profit from selling drugs has also made it a lucrative business to become rich overnight. Besides, bad company, perverted taste, wayward society, and detachment from religion contribute to drug addiction.

Drug addiction is full of many harms. It destroys a person physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually. It deprives a person of honor and prestige. People abuse, curse and boycott him. They make him a butt of ridicule and a laughing stock by calling him “Jahaz”. The paralyzing impact of intoxication renders addicts powerless to do any work or earn their livelihood. Resultantly, they become desperate and start selling their household possessions and property. The drug addicts bring disgrace and humiliation not only to themselves but to their families also.

“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-esteem and everything that goes along with your self-esteem. ”

(Kurt Cobain)

The mental and physical capabilities of the drugs. The mental and physical capabilities of drug abusers degenerate sharply and render them invalid and worthless citizens of the country. They are forced to take refuge either in the shrines or the graveyards. These drugs are slow poisons that ultimately claim the lives of their addicts.

“Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.”


The major centers of illicit opium production are Thailand, Turkey, Burma, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The cultivation of poppy crops has been stopped in Pakistan but it is still going on, though on a limited scale. Drug traffickers also wield great influence in the politics of the country. They provide large funds to the politicians to contest elections, and, thus, they get their unlawful business protected in return. Spreading drug addiction is a great challenge for us. The government should not allow the drug mafia to penetrate our social and political fibers. The government must keep a close watch on the politicians and police officers who have secret relations with drug traffickers. The people who are involved in this nasty business must be hanged and their assets must be confiscated. We are the authors of our own woes.

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”


 Addiction gives birth to all sorts of crimes, like borrowing, begging, stealing, robbery, and prostitution. Drug addiction causes damage to the brain and to the personal and professional relationships of drug abusers. They stop taking care of their health. They are unable to converse and communicate properly. Drug addiction can be lethal if not treated promptly. It can cause damage to the brain, the liver, and kidneys of addicts. They may suffer from heart, respiratory, and lung diseases, as well as many more health problems. The drug mafia kills people, creates disturbances, disrupts the economy, blackmails the government, and commits other acts of terrorism for the promotion of their unholy business. Drug addiction deprives a country and nation of its status and prestige in the eyes of other countries and nations. In short, as drug addiction thrives, society begins moving towards destruction.

It is very necessary to curb all forms of drug abuse. The following steps can help a great deal in this regard.

The mass media and intelligentsia should create general awareness against this evil. Parents should be alert and keep a strict watch over their children. The government should make strict laws. All channels of producing and supplying drugs must be destroyed. The culprits should be dealt with with an iron hand. More and more rehabilitation centers should be set up for the treatment of addicts. Healthy activities like sports and tourism should be promoted as healthy activities. Economic prosperity, general welfare, and social justice can decrease the number of addicts. Islam must be followed in its true spirit because our return to Islam can heal all our sorrows. People should bear in mind the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

“Intoxication is the mother of all evils and is the greatest sin.”

Holy Prophet (SAW)
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