Curbing Child Abusing Essay in Pakistan with Quotations

Nowadays curbing child abuse becomes a serious problem at a great level. Childs are abused physically, emotionally, psychologically, and in many different ways. It is a nefarious crime. It depends on society. Government should take action by laws and by harsh punishment. They should be hanged publically.

Here, we provided you with an essay on child abuse or curbing child abuse essay with quotations. This essay is very important for the board exam. Students should prepare child abuse essays in Pakistan for their exams at matric and intermediate levels.

Essay on child abuse in Pakistan with Quotations

“Any nation that neglects the plight of the girl child will soon go underground.”

Child abuse is a nefarious crime. It means harming a child in a physical, sexual, or emotional way. The physical, emotional, or sexual maltreatment of children is increasing day by day. Abuse can lead to death or injury for the rest of a victim’s life, from either the perpetrator or themselves.

“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime”.

(Herbert Ward)

Child abuse is a life-scarring experience for a child, not to mention emotional trauma for the family. Feelings of shame, guilt or even confusion prevent young children from informing their parents about painful and unpleasant events. This reluctance could also be a result of any threat from the abuser and that is the reason why parents should be able to recognize the signs of abuse It can make a great difference to a child’s life if she knows that the parents understand her feelings.

“Children are like different roses. Don’t crush and spoil their fragrance. “

There are many ways in which a child may be abused or maltreated. These include sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. A child may be subjected to one or more forms of abuse. Abuse can occur within the family, in the community, or in an institutional setting. The abuser may be someone known to the child or a stranger and can be an adult or another child.

“Child abuse is a problem no one really talks about. Abuse and neglect are the number one causes of injury to children in the country. More children die of abuse or neglect of natural causes”.

(Donna Miller)

When a child is exploited for a sexual purpose or is involved in a sexual act, sexual abuse occurs. Physical abuse occurs when a parent or a caregiver causes deliberate physical injury to a child. If a child’s social and mental development is compromised by a parent, it is called emotional abuse. Neglect of a child occurs when the parent or caregiver does not carry out necessary care and support activities essential for a child. Neglect means when the parents do not look after a child properly and do not fulfill his needs and leave him alone in unsafe conditions.

Many children face psychological mistreatment when their parents or caregivers are under stress. Parents find it difficult to deal with the emotional needs of a child especially when they face stressful situations. Divorces, relationship issues, financial worries, and job-related problems can lead parents to mete out abuse to their children. A family should support a child by providing him unconditional love, the opportunity to play with other children, safe surroundings, suitable guidance, supportive caretakers, and encouraging teachers. The family should also raise a child’s confidence and self-esteem. An emotionally abused child may display various behavioral changes that are extreme. She could rebuff a parent’s show of affection or can become extremely attached and cling to them. When an excessively talkative child turns quiet or vice versa, it indicates that she is disturbed emotionally and needs emotional support from her parents.

“Whilst child abuse may be committed behind closed doors, it should never be swept under the carpet.”

(Herbert Briscoe)

Pay attention to sudden changes in the behavior of a child at home or daycare and a dip in performance at school. A child who is physically abused will be reluctant to go to daycare or spend time with a particular babysitter. Check if her body is covered with bruises or injury marks that cannot be explained rationally. If there are repeated bite marks or burn marks, it is a definite warning sign about the child being subjected to physical abuse.

A child who has been subjected to sexual abuse will face intense emotions as well as physical trauma. This can be ascertained from the child’s body language and from the marks, however minor on the child’s body. She can also demonstrate difficulty while sitting or walking as a result of pain in the anus or genital area (if genital penetration has taken place.

Child abuse and neglect often leave long-term scars on the child. These are difficult to erase from the mind and the body too. It can have a massive impact on the way the child will manage relationships during adulthood and can dent their self-confidence. Children are unable to function normally at school, college or work when they grow up.

Judith Lewis Herman says

“Many abused children cling to the hope that growing up will bring escape and freedom. But the personality formed in coercive control is not well adapted to adult life. The survivor is left with fundamental problems in basic trust, autonomy, and initiative. She approaches the task of early adulthood-establishing independence and intimacy-burdened by major impairments in self-care, cognition, and in memory, identity, and the capacity to form stable relationships. She is still a prisoner of her childhood, attempting to create a new life, she reencounters the trauma.

“Do not live a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.”

(Dave Pelzer)

Parents, teachers, and media can play an important role in curbing child abuse. They should educate and train children to be vigilant about their environment and the people living around them. Sometimes, the people who love and trust may abuse them so they should be watchful. The individual who has abused a child must be held responsible for the act and this is the primary solution to child abuse. Getting professional help from people specialized in this field is the next step. One should immediately report the child abuse case to the law-enforcing agencies and ultimately to court if necessary. Exemplary punishments must be meted out to the abusers and delaying tactics should be avoided.

“To terrify children with the image of hell, to consider women an inferior creation, is that good for the world?”

 (Christopher Hitchens)

Protection of one’s family has become a superhuman task in these times for the rich and poor alike, with even minor children getting abused by strange creatures roaming around freely in the grab of human beings. They are actually worse than beasts. Toddlers, boys, and girls are molested, raped, and then killed.

It is the duty of parents to protect their family, and trust no one for a predator could exist within the family. They should not let children out of sight at odd hours. Whenever possible, children should be accompanied to schools, tuition centers, and shops. Parents should never rely on drivers and maids. It is extremely crucial that we focus not only on educating our children but also making them street-wise.

A bill has been presented to Parliament to frame laws to curb the evil of child abuse. The bill is under discussion in Parliament. It is being suggested by certain members of the National Assembly that the pedophiles must be given life imprisonment which should be unbailable or they should be hanged publicly. This harsh punishment may be helpful in eliminating this evil from society.

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