An Ideal Student Essay In English With Quotations

Are you looking for an essay on an ideal students in English. The English language is a difficult subject in some ways. Students often do not understand the tenses used. As a result, they are faced with difficulty and consider English to be a difficult subject. In order to achieve high marks, you must understand these tenses.

They are often asked in board exams. Essays that use these tenses are most important in metric and intermediate level exams. Students need to attempt these essays in order to be successful.

It is imperative that students familiarize themselves with the essay they wish to write before attempting the question. To do this, we have provided them with material related to an essay on an ideal students for class 6th and 12th. The wording for this essay is very straightforward. Students can easily prepare it for their exams.

An Ideal Student Essay For Class 6th &12th With Quotes

A student who wants to get knowledge. He Studies the subject of nature. He meditates on the universe to discover more and more. Though man has learnt a lot, the struggle for discovery is not yet over. The Holy Prophet said that every person should get knowledge from the lap of mother till death. Thus, there is no end to knowledge.

The first quality of an ideal student is that he should be steady in his research. He should work to learn more and more. The student who is not consistent in his quest cannot be successful.

The ideal student should be industrious. He should not lose heart in difficulties. He should be firm in his aims. He should cover long distances, cross vast deserts and mount high hills for the achievement of his objectives. He should have the patience of Job and the willpower of Noah.

The ideal student should be a man of character. The object of education is to spread politeness and good manners. He should be virtuous and honest in his dealings. He should be kind and generous to others. The ideal student should be meek and humble. He should not be proud of his knowledge. He should respect his teachers and the fellow students. Knowledge teaches humility not pride.

The ideal student must enjoy good health. He should not be a book-worm. He should take part in the physical activities as well. It is said that a sound body possesses a sound mind. A good student should be a good debater, a first-rate player, and a fine athlete. He should participate in all good activities.

The ideal student also proves to be a good citizen. He is always helpful to his country fellows. He loves the ideology of the country. He never breaks law for his personal gains. He proves himself a true patriot. He loves his country, culture, and traditions.

The ideal student should show discipline in every field of life. He should follow the three principles told by the founder of Pakistan: “Faith, Unity, and Discipline . He should lead a planned life. He should observe the codes of ethics and discipline. He should not be reckless and careless in his doings. He must be balanced and rational in his attitude.

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